Rainmaker Advertising, Inc.

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“It has been my experience that advertising agencies are often hired
for clever creative with a polished pitch, and are replaced for lack of results.
Our mission is defined by our name, Rainmaker.” -Don Oschwald

Don Oschwald - CEO

Don Oschwald - Rainmaker CEOOur CEO is a highly successful entrepreneur who migrated to the agency business 15 years ago after 20 years of success as a Subway franchisee and as a top level manager in the automotive industry. His intuitive ability to analyze challenges and to put forth marketing solutions is unique: in short- ‘he gets it’. Don acknowledges that advertising/marketing is typically the third largest, controllable expense for a business; he’s a recognized expert in creating effective/credible messaging, determining which media is most likely to generate the ‘biggest bang for the client’s buck’, and for negotiating the best placements online, in print, in broadcast, and within the exploding world of ‘cyber media’ for our clients.

"We recognize that there is much more to marketing than merely being clever with messaging. Successfully marketing a brand involves a thorough understanding of the client, analyzing the client’s competition, knowing what has and has not succeeded in the past (vis a vis promotions, media placements, etc), then crafting a customized plan which will meet and often exceed sales goals."

Want a confidential, no-hold-barred analysis of your current marketing strategy? Give Don a call: 859-263-7246

Chuck Crawford - Partner

Chuck Crawford - Rainmaker Partner

A 30+ year veteran with extensive planning, broadcast, print and social media skills, Chuck brings his keenly analytical perspective to each of his clients. He holds an MBA and has been an adjunct professor at UK in the advertising/marketing ISC program since 2003. Chuck’s recommendations are clear, concise, and on target. Why? Because he has perfected the unique ability to communicate succinctly, strategically, and to explain in detail his rationale for every suggestion or recommendation he makes to his clients.

He’s truly a multi talented guy…he plays the guitar and sings. So, if you’re in the Rainmaker offices and you hear a James Taylor, Eagles, Eric Clapton or a host of other acoustic tunes, just follow the sound to Chucks office. Another ‘who knew?’ piece of inside info: he coaches high school and summer travel baseball, and loves throwing batting practice and team building. His two all-time favorite baseball players are Pete Rose and Mickey Mantle and he has a vintage Mickey Mantle Rookie jersey on his office wall.

Dawn Bryant - Media Dir.

Dawn Bryant - Rainmaker Media Director

Ask any local or regional source whose name would top the list of area professionals in the complex world of media, and you’d likely get one name: Dawn Bryant. Her precision and keen eye for detail makes her an astute link between the ever-evolving world of media, our agency, and clients. Her commitment for developing unique and on-target media plans involves thorough and strategic research…and her passion for negotiating extra value for our clients is legendary.

Dawn began her media career in 1985 and spent the first 13 years in radio as a Business Manager. In 1998, she made the move to the agency side of things as a Media Buyer. At the top of Dawn's accomplishments, her marriage to Bill in 2005 and twin sons, Joshua and Shane. If we were to describe Dawn in 3 words: She’s our GLUE!

Sabrina Ripley - Account Exec

Sabrina Ripley - Rainmaker Account Executive

A 13 year radio and 6 year advertising agency veteran, Sabrina brings personality plus a wealth of promotional and event advertising experience to the table for her Rainmaker clients. Affectionately known as “Beanie”, she’s the mom of twin daughters, and is active in numerous not-for-profit endeavors, including past two term president of the Evening of Champions Derby Eve Party benefitting the Kentucky Children’s Hospital /Makenna Foundation. Sabrina is committed to getting the best rates and placements for her clients- she’s efficient, effervescent, and a real asset to our Rainmaker team.